SD-PP – Protection Pad


The rubber protection pad is designed to sit under the pedestals.  There are a few reasons you may choose to use the rubber protection pads on your project:

  1.  Sound dampening
  2.  Enhanced protection of the roofing membrane, particularly in areas where heavy objects may be placed on top of the pavers
  3.  When using a liquid applied membrane, rubber membrane or tar and gravel membrane as these waterproofing systems become tacky in hot weather and can clog the weep holes on the bottom of the pedestals preventing water from draining through them as designed


The protection pad is a rubber pad sits under the pedestals and is designed to add extra protection for the roofing membrane.  We recommend using protection pads wherever you may have extra weight on top of the patio pavers.  We also require protection pads with any liquid applied membrane, tar and gravel and rubber roofing in order.  These types of roofing membrane can become tacky when hot and clog up the weep holes on the bottom of the pedestals.  The protection pad prevents this and keeps the weep holes clear to drain water as designed.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × .25 in


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