concrete sawing Overland Park

concrete sawing Overland Park

Concrete Sawing for Overland Park: How it works?

There are many ways sawing can work easily with various types of concrete materials such as slabs, walls, floors, structures, roadways, and others. One of which is through the use of drilling equipment that can penetrate through or within solid materials. It is essential when choosing for your industrial project the right concrete sawing in Overland Park, to look for the leader of sawing operators to provide a higher quality result.

This is why at KC Coring & Cutting, we commit to delivering a more advanced service and facility for any construction function needed by our customers. When it comes to drilling, cutting, and coring, we make sure to choose the most innovative equipment that promotes a convenient process of achieving the client's tasks with the aid of our knowledgeable operators and staff who provide top quality output and services.

What varieties of concrete sawing services for Overland Park can we provide?

Since our company mainly offers both drilling and cutting services, we have also developed a various range of sawing functions to fully cater to the individual needs of our clients. One of these is slab concrete sawing in Overland Park which involves a walk behind saw that is fully designed to accurately cut any slab material using its built in diamond blade. It can also cut and divide other types of concrete materials including deck structures, airport concrete roads, common path or roadways, and other solid surfaces with a maximum cutting capacity of at least 24" of thickness. Our slab cutting machine is powered using a hydraulic, diesel, gas, or electric source. This equipment is considered the most powerful type of saw that you can find in this industry, especially our electrical hydraulic types utilized for indoor work.

Another sawing type is the wall type of concrete sawing for Overland Park. Our service caters highly precise cuts used for openings both horizontal and vertical, which can be done in any concrete surface for various residential purposes such as HVAC openings, windows, and doors. We utilize our highly convenient mounted type of track saw to effectively cut through brick walls, concrete masonry styles of walling systems, hard ceilings, fully structured beams, building columns, and flush cut areas or conditions, among others. We are able to provide strategic cutting functions that provide any angle, shape, or size and ensure a smoothly cut and clean division of structures. Each wall cutting can be as deep as 24 inches from one side or on both sides if each side is accessible for cutting.

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We have many other sawing varieties that could assist you. Check out our other services noted on our website or give us a call with questions for your specific needs.

concrete sawing Overland Park
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concrete sawing Overland Park
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