Excavator Rental Prices

Excavator Rental Prices

The dry hire price for an excavator increases with the tonnage because larger equipment typically costs more to operate and maintain. In addition, attachments or accessories can also cause the price of a mini backhoe for rent to increase significantly.

In general, the dry hire price of an excavator increases by $5 per tonnage bracket. Other factors that determine industrial equipment rental prices include the age of the equipment and your project's duration. In addition, wet hire rates are usually $50 to $80 more per hour than dry hire rates.

What are excavator rental travel costs?

Excavator rental travel costs refer to the costs of moving the excavator from the rental company to the client's job site. Some rental companies charge standard backhoe rental travel costs while others charge depending on the number of hours it takes to move the excavator from the depot to the site.

Some excavators are incredibly expensive to move around, especially if they big and require police escort for added safety. Such excavators move slowly and often move outside of peak hours to maximize safety. Deploying multiple trucks and vehicles to move an excavator from one location to another can drive its rental price up. If you plan to move a large excavator, it will probably be a long-term hire. Therefore, you can negotiate with the excavator rental company to share the travel costs.

Is renting an excavator worth it?

Excavator rental is a project-based industry; construction equipment is often left to gather dust until the next project comes up. This leads to equipment depreciation. Therefore, renting an excavator is a massive benefit for construction companies because it eliminates the need to make significant investments for short-term use. In addition, the cost of a mini excavator rental is more manageable than buying one altogether.

Renting a mid-range excavator may cost an average of $570 per day, $1200 per week, or $3400 per month. Compare these rates with the average price of a mid-range excavator, which is between $100000 and $200000.

What are excavator operator fees?

Some excavator rental companies provide operators for their heavy equipment, including small excavator rental, at an additional fee. However, some clients prefer to buy their operators. In both cases, the client is expected to compensate the operators for their time. The operator fee is an important factor to consider when hiring an excavator because it determines the total cost of renting the equipment.

An excavator operator's average cost is between $20 and $50 per hour. However, many exactor rental companies include the operator fee in their rental prices. This accounts for the cost of moving the heavy equipment from the rental company to the client's construction site.

How does an excavator rental affect contractors' long-term expenses?

Owning an excavator comes with additional expenses, such as hiring equipment consultants to service the machine. In addition, you may need to hire mechanics to checks fluids and change parts. These factors can drive up contractors' long-term expenses. Renting an excavator helps to lower contractors' long-term fees.

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Excavator Rental Prices

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