A Contractor’s Guide to the Benefits of Using a Pedestal System

The ongoing pandemic, rising prices of construction, and the growing urgency of meeting deadlines make your job harder than it needs to be. 

But don’t let these factors get in the way of your projects. There are still simple, convenient ways for you to live up to the standards your clients expect. One of these includes incorporating a pedestal system into your next project. 

Learn how using this system can help improve building efficiency while saving on costs below!

1.  Level Patio on a Sloped Roof Surface

Building codes require that all roofs have some slope.  By installing a patio on pedestals, the patio surface will be perfectly level despite sitting on a roof with up to a 7% slope.  The pedestals adjust in height with the simple twist of a wingnut so as your roof slopes down, the pedestals get taller.

2.  Simplicity, Speed and Ease of Installation

Installing a roof patio on SkyJack pedestals is the simplest, fasted and most cost effective way to build a rooftop deck.  SkyJack pedestals use the fewest parts and have more adjustability than any other pedestal system on the market.  Everyone from a do-it-yourself homeowner to an experienced paver or roofing professional will enjoy our easy to use pedestals.  We also have a best price guarantee which will ensure you get the best price for your patio.

3.  Versatility of Design and Aesthetics

SkyJack pedestals are designed for use with any flooring material.  The sky is the limit on your design possibilities with our options for pressed concrete pavers, Ipe deck tiles or planks, porcelain tiles, framed decks or turf.

4.  Maintain Waterproof Integrity of the Roofing System

SkyJack pedestals rest on top of the waterproofing system without penetrating it, protecting the roof’s very important waterproof integrity. 

The pedestals also create uniform gaps between pavers to allow water to run between the tiles and flow unimpeded to the roof drains as intended.  SkyJack pedestals are designed to accomodate the roof membrane warranties of any roofing system.

5.  Protect and Extend the Life of the Roofing System

Rooftop traffic, hail, wind and UV rays all cause damage and aging to the roofing membrane.  The SkyJack pedestal system helps to protect the roof from degredation and damage and can double the life expectancy of the roofing membrane.

Make Your Job Simpler With a SkyJack Pedestal System

Using the SkyJack pedestal system is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way of adding quality and sustainability to your project. Not only do you see an improved aesthetic with added usable, outdoor space, you can also save money and add life to your roofing membrane with the SkyDeck USA pedestal system.

Interested in incorporating this system into your next project? You’re in the right place. We’ve got pedestals for all your needs. 

Have a look at our range of pedestals here or get in touch with us directly. We’ll help you find the right products for your needs!

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