Skydeck USA Paver Pedestal Rooftop Patio in New York City

skyjack pedestals

best pedestals at the best price, period.


Our SkyJack adjustable pedestals were designed BY installers FOR installers, to save you time, labor, money and migraines!

skyjack pedestal sizes

SD-00 - .25" Stackable Pedestal
SD-0.5 - 5/8" - 1.25" Adjustable Pedestal
SD-01 - 1.2" - 1.75" Adjustable Pedestal
SD-02 - 1.75" - 2.95" Adjustable Pedestal
SD-02 - 1.75" - 2.95" Adjustable Pedestal
SD-L 2.95" - 6" Adjustable Pedestal
SD-XL - 5.9" - 13.75" Adjustable Pedestal

pedestal accessories

SD-SLH Self-Leveling Heads to accomodate slopes up to 7%
SD-XL- SLH Self-Leveling Heads for use with SD-L and SD-XL Pedestals
SD-EXT-XL 8" Extender for use with SD-XL
SD-AD Deck Joist Adpater Head for use with any adjustable pedestal size
1/16" XL Rubber Shims for use with SD-L and SD-XL Pedestals
SD-SH2 1/16" Rubber Shims for SD-00 through SD-04 Pedestals
SD-DB - Drill Bit Adjustment Tool
SD-DB - Drill Bit Adjustment Tool
SD-HT Hand Adjustment Tool
SD-HT Hand Adjustment Tool

What Makes SkyJack Pedestals Unique To Save You Money?

  • Pedestals come fully assembled in the box
  • They easily adjust with a wingnut on the side of the pedestal
  • They can adjust while the tile is sitting on top of the pedestal so there's no need to lay and pick up pavers multiple times to get them level
  • Adjustable pedestals with heights from .6" up to 38"
  • All pedestals are stocked for fast shipment


fanatical customer service

We believe the true measure of a company is how well it serves its clients by being responsive to their needs and delivering quality products on time, every time. We have been building our reputation slowly, the best way, with quality products, competitive prices, and fanatical customer service.

product return policy

We understand how difficult (impossible?) it is to accurately estimate the number and sizes of pedestals that will be needed for a given project.  To make it easy on our customers, we offer a full refund less an 18% restocking fee for all complete, like-new pedestals that are returned in re-sellable condition.  No need to separate and organize them.  Just throw the extra parts in a box and mail them back to us.  We'll sort and assemble them and give you a credit back, no matter how much time has passed since your purchase.

paver pedestal install

fast delivery

We maintain a complete inventory of all pedestal sizes and offer fast shipping with delivery typically within 2-3 business days of order.

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