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Our SkyJack adjustable pedestals were designed BY installers FOR installers, to save you time, labor, money and migraines!

skyjack pedestal sizes

SD00 Pedestal - .25"
SD00 Pedestal - .25"
SD01 Pedestal - 1.25"-1.75"
SD01 Pedestal - 1.25"-1.75"
SD02 Pedestal -
1.75" - 2.75"
SD02 Pedestal - 1.75" - 2.75"
SD03 Pedestal - 2.75" - 4.75"
SD03 Pedestal - 2.75" - 4.75"
SD04 Pedestal - 4.75" - 8.25"
SD04 Pedestal - 4.75" - 8.25"
SD-ES Pedestal - <br /> 4" Extender
SD-ES Pedestal -
4" Extender

What Makes SkyJack Pedestals Unique To Save You Money?

  • Removable spacer tabs on top of the pedestal head provide perfect spacing between pavers or deck boards, and pop in and out individually so they don't break. Competitor's pedestals have tabs that crack off when bumped with a paver, meaning that the spacer is either left out or the whole head needs to be replaced, costing significantly more in labor in parts.
  • Snap on Self-Leveling Heads make it simple and easy to apply a self-leveling system to any pedestal whenever needed without having to buy a separate line of more expensive pedestals.
  • Configurable spacer tabs allow the tabs to be placed in various patterns to accommodate any project need from pavers to joists to deck planks, all with the same SkyJack Pedestal.
  • SkyJack Pedestals have a greater height range, simplifying the purchasing process by needing only four different pedestals to achieve heights between 1.25" and 4 feet.
  • A unique screw ring adjustment with easy grip handles allows the pedestals to be adjusted easily from underneath after the paver has been set on top. There is no need for special tools or keys like many competitor's use.
  • Our wide, flat-sided base allows our pedestal to be installed closer to walls, allowing for smaller cut pavers along patio edges.
  • The drop-in base allows for the screw ring to slide into the base rather than having to be screwed down in from the top, saving up to 30 seconds of labor per pedestal. That adds up!
  • Adding height takes only seconds with our slide on 4" height extender. Rather than twisting and screwing on multiple extenders to achieve heights over 8", SkyJack height extenders simply slide on top of each other, creating a strong, tight system without all the added labor.
  • SkyJack Pedestals are fully recyclable and contain recycled plastic which helps meet LEED requirements for new construction projects.

We offer superior products and services every time; that’s the skydeck way.



fanatical customer service

We believe the true measure of a company is how well it serves its clients by being responsive to their needs and delivering quality products on time, every time. We have been building our reputation slowly, the best way, with quality products, competitive prices, and fanatical customer service.

product return policy

We understand how difficult (impossible?) it is to accurately estimate the number and sizes of pedestals that will be needed for a given project.  To make it easy on our customers, we offer a full refund less an 18% restocking fee for all complete pedestals that are returned in re-sellable condition.  No need to separate and organize them.  Just throw the extra parts in a box and mail them back to us.  We'll sort and assemble them and give you a credit back, no matter how much time has passed since your purchase.

paver pedestal install

fast delivery

We maintain a complete inventory of all pedestal sizes and offer fast shipping with delivery typically within 2-3 business days of order.  We can even expedite rush orders with same-day service.