Benefits Of Ipe Wood Deck Tiles

Ipe wood deck tiles are a top landscaping option for residential and commercial properties—especially if you’re into something durable, natural, and rustic. 

As CEO of Bowen Property Center, Hannah Wilson, puts it, “You can transform any bog-standard outdoor area into a practical and attractive pathway with Ipe wood deck tiles. They have an exotic visual appeal and are very durable. But those are just a few of the numerous advantages of using ipe wood deck tiles; there’s more to these flooring solutions for your next home or commercial space improvement project.”

But first, let’s take a deeper look at IPE wood before learning about the benefits of Ipe deck tiles.

What Is Ipe Wood?

Ipe wood, often called Brazilian Walnut, is strong, durable, and immune to rot, temperature, and insects. Despite its popularity, few people are aware that it is pronounced “ee-pay.” Better take note of that if you’re ordering a fresh set of Ipe tiles for your deck.

Harvested from the Tabebuia Tree, Ipe wood, is endemic to South America’s tropical regions. Tabebuia Trees are growing from the north of Argentina to the south of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Brazil, where it gets its popular name.

Thus, Ipe wood has become one of the most popular outdoor patios, furniture, paneling, and fences among home and business owners. Want to know why? Read on the following benefits of Ipe wood deck tiles.

Enhanced Durability

Ipe is the most highly regarded of all the external hardwoods. These wood planks are three times harder than red oak, making them one of the most durable options available. Red Oak does have a Janka hardness value of 1,290 pounds, whereas Ipe has a Janka hardness level of 3,680 pounds!

 Also, you can tell that Ipe is quality wood just by holding a small chunk of the wood in your palm.

The Ipe Deck Tile Is 100% Natural

In choosing Ipe deck tiles, you’ll be sure that your yard will have naturally sourced decking. Ipe deck tiles are made entirely of organic IPE wood—biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Contrarily, composite decking is a synthetic mixture of wood pulp, plastics, and hazardous chemicals. It is less expensive than IPE wood tiles, but it pollutes the environment in the long run.

Cool Surfaces

Heat retention is an unappreciated but indispensable factor when selecting an outdoor floor option. When you choose paver deck materials that absorb less heat, your bare feet stay more relaxed and comfortable throughout the summer. Ipe wood deck tiles are considerably cooler to the touch than comparable synthetic deck tiles.

Low Maintenance

As ipe wood is tough and durable, upkeep and maintenance won’t be a problem. Unlike concrete and other materials that must be re-sealed regularly, the purpose of ipe wood deck re-sealing is for a flawless finish. Your wood deck tiles would then age beautifully and with minor wear. Their solid structure also makes them stain-resistant, so you won’t have to think about cleaning them all the time. Just wash it with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner once a year.

Visually Striking

Of course, the complete final look is one of the most critical things in customers’ decision-making whenever it concerns pave deck materials. For their distinct and stunning aesthetics, Ipe wood deck tiles are always a popular option among clients. It has a pleasing, natural look that complements any unique theme in both home and business settings.


Ipe wood proliferates in tropical and subtropical forests, in which it has adapted to withstand the constant infestations of vast numbers of insect species. Thus, Ipe deck tiles are naturally resistant to carpenter ants, powder post beetles, termites, and borers.


Ipe deck tiles, unlike composite decking, present a better fire resistance. To minimize the damage in the event of a major fire, some developers and builders install Ipe wood in buildings that are vulnerable to fire.


When looking for hardwood to construct or repair decking, IPE deck tiles are an affordable option particularly compared to treated lumber decks which are currently more expensive and less durable.  Current lumber prices run between $15-25 per square foot to build a treated wood deck where you can purchase the full Ipe tile and pedestal system for around $13 per square foot.

Ipe Deck Tiles Are The Best At Skydeck USA!

Skydeck USA offers high quality, sustainable Ipe deck tiles at the most competitive price. We can also assist with takeoffs, product estimation and provide installation advice and consultation to make sure your project turns out great. Contact us and get a quote for your next residential or commercial rooftop patio project.

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