weathering the worst: the best patio materials for cold climates

Last winter, a huge storm dropped over a foot of snow in some areas of Michigan. From rain and wind to lake-effect snow, our homes and patios can take a beating. 

Whether you own a private residence, an apartment complex, or a commercial space, the patio is one of the most enjoyable places to spend time. But what happens when temperatures drop and winter approaches? 

In the off-season, you want the patio to hold up against the elements, especially rooftop patios. That means choosing quality patio materials designed to withstand cold temperatures, snow, ice, rain, and more. 

Here’s what you need to know about the most durable patio roof materials. 

The Best Patio Materials for Cold Climates

Some of the best materials for rooftop patios are pavers made of pressed concrete or Ipe wood deck tiles.  When looking for a rooftop patio product for cold climates, it’s important to understand the how various materials react to freeze/thaw cycles.  Some products like pre-cast pavers, for example, will break down fairly quickly during winter weather due to the higher amount of water and air in the concrete.

Pressed Concrete Pavers

As opposed to pre-cast concrete, pressed concrete is made by using 450 tons of pressure to push out most of the water and air from the concrete mix, leaving an extremely dense and strong paver resistant to decades of freeze/thaw cycles.

Concrete pavers are highly customizable.  Pressed pavers are made in a large variety of colors and sizes to match any aethetic.  We can also match existing pavers, colors or aggreagtes using your samples.  

Pressed concrete is also very low maintenace and can be cleaned with a pressure washer.  Pavers can be easily removed for routine cleaning and maintenance of the roof below.

Ipe Wood Deck Tiles

Ipe (ee-pay) wood is found in the rainforests primarily in South America.  It is one of the most dense and strong varieties of wood in the world which makes it whether through winters beautifully.  It makes a great product for use on rooftops because it is highly resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and termites.  Due to the density of Ipe, it lasts far longer than traditional wood decks.  It also does not require staining or oiling.  As it ages, Ipe turns a gray-ish color which many architects and homeowners prefer.  But for those who enjoy the rich brown color of new Ipe, a spring coat of hardwood oil will bring back that newly installed look and last for the year.

Make the Most of Your Patio 

In colder climates, it’s crucial to select patio materials that can hold up against ice, wind, snow, and the freeze/thaw cycle. These elements can take a toll on a lot of materials. However, using the ones listed above will ensure you choose an option that’s durable and long-lasting. 

Here at Skydeck USA, we’re based in Michigan, but we serve the entire continental USA. To inquire about our materials, ask about pricing, or consult us for a project, send us a message

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