5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ipe Hardwood For Your Next Project

When you choose hardwood flooring, you want something that will work with the style of your home, is durable and resistant to damage, and look beautiful for years. Ipe wood decking is a high-quality material that meets all those requirements. It is a superior choice for outdoor use to other wood decking options.

“When it comes to improving your outdoor living space, you want to make sure that you’ve got the best materials for your needs. Ipe wood is the top choice for its durability which can withstand the test of time. Additionally, its warm appearance makes every space beautifully curated.” says expert building inspector and pest control specialist Cooper-White from Habitat Inspections.
If you’re looking for durable decking, here are the top reasons to consider ipe hardwood for your next project.

  1. Durability
    Ipe has an exceptional density, and it’s among the hardest woods in the world, with a Janka Hardness rating of 3,680. It also has a high resistance to rot and decay, which will last for many years if maintained properly.
    Ipe wood also has a high resistance to impact and water absorption, making it well-suited for use in exterior areas where these instances are common concerns.
  2. Surface Stays Cool
    Do you enjoy basking under the sun, but you’re worried about how hot the deck will be? Worry no more because ipe wood is the best option!
    Ipe wood decks stay cool under the hot sun, making them ideal for any outdoor space. It can resist heat absorption and retain its coolness even when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.
  3. Longevity
    If you’re looking for a hardwood that will stand the test of time, ipe is what you want.
    It’s an incredibly tough wood that can withstand all kinds of weather and damage—from bugs to rot. Ipe is a very stable material that resists warping, splitting, and cracking, even when exposed to the elements.
    Even with extreme weather and high foot traffic, ipe hardwood remains strong.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing

Ipe hardwood is a beautiful, durable material. It can be used in any design style and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
The warm red tones and amber hues of ipe make it a beautiful choice for most projects. Its natural color makes it easy to pair with any modern design style.

By annually applying hardwood oil to the surface of Ipe tiles, the wood will maintain it’s rich brown color. But, without any treatment, the wood will fade to silver over time, giving the floors a more rustic and luxurious look. This choice is up to the owner and impacts the look but not the longevity or durability of the wood.

  1. Cost-efficient
    Ipe hardwood costs more than more common lumber like pine, but it lasts much longer making it a much better value over time.
    Wood is a natural material that can be affected by environmental factors like insects and rot, but ipe proves naturally resistant to these problems. It means that your deck will remain sturdy, beautiful, and functional for years to come with minimal regular upkeep.
    Choose The Beauty And Durability Of IPE Hardwood from Skydeck USA!
    A couple of key benefits set ipe apart from other hardwoods: it is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, plus it’s incredibly durable and strong even under heavy loads. Add in its modern appearance that works with any design style—ipe hardwood decking is an excellent choice for your next project.
    Skydeck USA offers the best service possible to give you high-quality materials, impressive home improvements, and unparalleled customer service.
    Contact us to learn more about our products or services and get a quote for your next project!

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