When Are Concrete Pavers the Right Choice for my Roof Deck?

The need for enhanced rooftop green spaces and patios is as important now as it’s ever been. Green roofs with plants and open deck space are growing in popularity, as designers look for ways to turn rooftops into useful square footage.

If you own a building and want to install or refresh your roof deck, consider installing concrete pavers on pedestals. This type of raised deck lets you turn your large, useless roof space into a beautiful, fun entertaining area for residents and tenants.

Other popular options for roof decks include Ipe deck tiles, artificial turf, porcelain or treated wood. So how can you tell if concrete pavers will work for your project? Here’s how to know if they’re something you want to use.

What the Different Types of Rooftop Materials Do

So how do the different rooftop materials perform?  First, Ipe deck tiles and porcelain are light weight options so they can be used on most residential and commercial projects.  Porcelain may not be as durable as concrete but it comes in a variety of colors and styles while Ipe is a very durable and low maintenance wood that weathers well and looks stunning over time.

Artificial turf offers all of benefits of a lawn with minimal maintenance and long life expectancy.  It’s also possible to build a treated wood deck on top of pedestals which can be a great option when wind uplift is a concern.  

Why People Like to Use Concrete Pavers on Their Rooftops

All the different roof deck material types have something going for them.  Pressed concrete pavers combine longevity, low mainenance and affordability which makes them one of the most popular roof patio flooring options.  They are durable, sturdy, and designers can customize the color, style and layout to fit in with any design aesthetic.

One of the most attractive features of concrete paver rooftops is that they can be pressure washed or hosed down to remove any dirt or stains, keeping them looking new with minimal effort.  They are also resistant to fading since the color is added through the entire paver rather than just on the top like with precast concrete.

How to Decide Whether Concrete Pavers Will Work for You

When it comes to deciding whether or not to choose concrete pavers, the biggest consideration is how much weight your patio can hold.  Most pressed pavers weigh about 22 lbs/sqft which makes them a great option in windy areas but can sometimes exceed the weight capacity that residential structures can handle.

Some things to consider when choosing your flooring material are –

Climate – will your flooring get too hot to walk on or could sun or freezing temperatures damage the flooring over time?  

Longevity – how long do you hope the product will last?

Maintenance – how much time are you willing to spend to keep your patio looking great?

Cost – how much are you willing to spend on your patio?  Would you rather spend more up front to have a longer lasting product?

Wind – do you need a product that can resist high winds?

Contact Us for Your Roof Deck Installation

Whether you’re planning a residential rooftop patio or a large, commercial rooftop entertaining space, concrete pavers are a great option to consider. If you have questions about how roof decks work, give us a call. We specialize in all types of rooftop patios, from large to small. 

We work with landscape architects and can train your crew in best practices. Beyond that, we’re available for coaching and other great guidance. For more on pricing, products, or installation tips, contact us today!

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